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About MRC

Michael Rose Cinematography

I have been a photographer / videographer since the mid 1980's specializing in special event, marketing and documentary style photography and video. Weddings, Beauty Pageants, Cultural Events and Non-Profit cause related marketing and Church Outreach Programs are all within my scope of experience.
Michael Rose Photographer

Photographer Since 1975

My dad had a little brownie camera and I was fascinated with taking pictures. On my 13th Birthday my dad bought me a used Canon FX camera with lenses, previously owened by a National Geographic Photographer.
That day I became a photographer.

Michael Rose
Seasoned Photographer

My first camera a Canon FX.

Michael Rose Videographer

Videographer since 1986

I was curious about our families Super 8 camera when I was young. Later I produced an event documentary and it was well received and I was hooked.

Michael Rose
Experienced Videographer

My Beaulieu 5008s Super 8 film camera..

Working with Michael Rose Cinematography

The Creative Process

I naturally think in a cinematic way, I have all the expensive tools of the trade but to be honest the creative process to achieving good photography is concieved in the minds eye.

It's About Relationships

I have found that most people are shy when placed in front of a camera. I try to build a trust and kinship with my subject to relax their nerves and ultimately bring the best out of them, all I need is a moment and click!

Naturally Cinematography

Switching from Still Photography to Cinematic storytelling can be a creative challenge however with a few camera settings changes and adding audio and stablizing gear anything is possible.